• Helen F.

    Excellent! There are A LOT of supplements on the market making claims they can't actually back up. Most are just fad supplements, that will get a lot of hype, but their effectiveness is questionable. This is not one of those. I have been a long-term user of Pacific Blue, It hasn't changed, because it doesn't need to. The product is gentle, safe and effective. I use it mainly for digestive issues. I have IBD with a constipation component, and this magnesium supplement handles that. When taken daily, it helps my body have regular bowel movements (something I have NEVER had). When I stop taking it, I notice an immediate difference.

  • Jay1

    I received as a bonus item in the and as someone who has has a long history of difficulty falling asleep who has tried just about everything without too much luck I wasn't in a hurry to try this because I didn't think that it would be likely to help. Luckily I tried it for some random reason didn't give it away or throw it in the back of the cabinet because it really helps! I wouldn't come close to claiming that it put me to sleep but it most definitely helps to relax me her mr into that perfect place where falling asleep is a possibility- hard to explain but it does do something I'm now on my third one and it keeps helping. It's packed with Magnesium which is always good.

  • Jonathan

    This has been an absolute LIFE SAVER! A friend recommended this product to me because I was having terrible migraines on a pretty consistent basis. I used to deal with TMJ (where you clench your teeth a lot) and it caused pain in my jaw, and would give me major migraines. But, I've been taking Pacific Blue just about every other night just before bed for the last six months, and I can count the number of headaches/migraines I've has since then on one hand. I would recommend introducing this into your system when you can plan to be home for a while. 🙂

  • Fran

    Excellent! I have tried a lot of herbals and decided to give Pacific Blue a go. Now it’s a staple in my supplement cabinet. I do not like to be without it. I notice when I haven’t had my daily intake of magnesium. PB has the best quality magnesium ingredient that I have found.

  • Samantha

    I’m obsessed with Pacific Blue!! This product has helped me with so many things I begin to list them all It will make you feel so much better physically and mentally.

  • John F.

    These are amazing. I decided to give them a try and am so happy I did!

  • Sean

    PB supplements are a must have for me. They level me down and decrease my stress. I am a huge fan and recommend to anyone with high stress. Truly makes you more relaxed.