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Our Mission

For the past 20 years, we have worked to help patients with crippling anxiety. Many of these patients have been forced to take prescription anxiety medication. After witnessing the side effects of these drugs, we felt there had to be to something better. So we began researching which herbal ingredients really worked for anxiety and which did not.

After spending years analyzing the data, we created Pacific Blue, a blend of natural herbs proven to help with anxiety.

Pacific Blue is a blend of ingredients supported by clinical studies that show they work for anxiety. We hope that they help you with your anxiety and improve your quality of life for the better!

The Nerdy Docs

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  • Brittany

    I’ve been using Pacific Blue for several years. It helps me with relaxation for a goodnight’s rest. I bought some for my 76 year old dad to help him with his insomnia. He sleeps soundly without any more interruptions. I’m always telling others about this product. Enjoyable supplement to help increase magnesium intake.

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  • Jennifer

    A must have supplement. Pacific Blue anti-stress supplements are so much more than that. They are an affordable and easy way to increase your magnesium and calcium intake. For our bodies to absorb calcium, we need quality, easily absorbable magnesium and Pacific Blue has the corner on the market. This supplement is good for adults and children of all ages. Can be used to help sleep, to help calm anxiety, to aid in the absorption of other vitamins and minerals, and the list goes on.

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  • John

    A great item to help you sleep without stressAs I suffer from GERD (acid reflux) and LPR (reflux in the throat), I was a little hesitant. I have been taking magnesium citrate, but it has not worked to make me sleep better, or to beat my constipation. This formula does. I have found that if I take it about 2 hours from bedtime, it works better than taken right before I go to bed. I have now ordered a double dosage (larger size as I want to spare plastics).

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Pacific Blue By The Nerdy Docs

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